Ye all come




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[oo] version lente - [oo] version moyenne - [oo] version rapide
When [C]you live in the [C7]country
Ev'ry[F]body is your neighbor
On [C]this one thing you can re[G]ly
[C]They all come to [C7]see you
[F]And the never leave you sayin'
[C]Y'all come to [G7]see us by and [C]bye

    Y'all [C]come (Y'all [C7]come)
    Y'all [F]come (Y'all come)
    Oh [C]y'all [G7]come to [C]see us when you [G7]can
    Y'all [C]come (Y'all [C7]come)
    Y'all [F]come (Y'all come)
    [C]Y'all come to [G7]see us now and [C]then

The kinfolks are a comin'
They're comin' by the dozen
Eatin' ev'rything from soup to hay
And right after dinner
They ain't lookin' any thinner
And here's what you hear them say

    Y'all come...

Now Grandma's a wishin'
That they'd come out to the kitchen
And help to do the dishes right away
But they all start a leavin'
Even tho' she's a grievin'
Well you can still hear Grandma say

    Y'all come...