Detroit City

Danny Dill & Mel Tillis


Intro  C///G7///C///G7///

Verse  C///G7///C///C///

Chorus C///C7///F///F///

C ----  G7 ---  C7 ---  F ----  D7 ---
332010  320001  032310  133211  x00212
Last [C]night I went to [G7]sleep 
In Detroit [C]city
And I [G7]dreamed about the cotton fields 
and [C]home [C7]
I [F]dreamed about my mother
dear old [C]papa, sister and brother
And I [D7]dreamed about the girl
Who's been [G7]waiting for so long

I wanna go [C]home [C7]
I wanna go [F]home
[C]Oh how I [G7]wanna go [C]home

Home folks think I'm big
In Detroit City
From the letters that I write
They think I'm fine
But by day I make the cars
By night I make the bars
If only they could read
Between the lines